Week 1

We do not see things as they are, we see things as they are!

The first question that was posed to me upon my arrival to grad school was, “what does home mean to you?”  Ironically, I had moved out of my home in June, spent my summer living out of a backpack, and then stayed at my parents which I no longer identified as my home, rather the home of my parents. So I found myself living in a new city, in a new environment that was not my home yet. I realized I didn’t consider it to be a home yet because I was not settled. The concept of home to me as a child was a place I craved, yet a place I wasn’t sure if I could ever have. It represented safety, stability, comfort, and a place where one could just be. It was funny because during my first day of class at Kingston University we actually went out and asked people, what home meant to them. Ironically enough, everyone had different answers. This surprised me at first but then the more I thought about it a simplistic reason came to my mind. Everyone has different concepts of home because everyone is raised in a different home. Some come from a loving home, while others come from a home that is filled with torment. Some come from a religious home, where others don’t even really know about religion. For some of us our home is in the North America, while others are in, Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Central America or Australia. No one really lives in Antarctica right? But just this simplistic concept of ones’ location of their home has a large impact on the variance and difference of their concept. So I challenge you, try and see things not as we are, but as they are, when trying to understand the concept of home from another’s perspective!!!


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