Week 3

Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable!

Coco Chanel


Inspiration for many young girls come from a host of role models ranging from one’s own mother, to Disney princesses, to characters in books. This no doubt has an impact on grown women in our society. Yet, what if we as young women made a point once we have little girls to really think about the women that we not only are but want our daughters to aspire to be. Gabriella Chanel, whom today we know as Coco Chanel, as a child probably never thought that she would instrumentally define feminine style during the 20th century, become a role model today for both little girls and women. Born in 1883 as a daughter to a French designer Gabriella had many aspirations. Today one might not give too much thought to her change within the feminine style but at the time it was revolutionary. Chanel was inspired to free women from the suffocation of corsets and bustles and created a line of secretary like apparel for princesses and duchesses. Her signature suit for women is hands down the most copied fashion of all times. Chanel not only had a head for fashion and listening to the voice of the customer, but she also had a head for business at a time when it wasn’t deemed lady like. Yet, she didn’t let this stop her. She had a vision and fought for where she wanted her life and company to go. This is the type of women that we should aspire our daughters to be.



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