Week 4

“Art does not exist only to entertain, but to challenge one to think, to provoke, even to disturb, in a constant search for truth.”

Barbara Streisand img_6722

As a child growing up I loved nothing more than the ability to simple create. From painting a picture of my cat in art class, to taking ballet and piano lessons, attending musicals and plays, exploring museums, scrapbooking with my sister and sewing, baking, or working on a needle point with my grandmother. I was either creating art myself or observing the art of another. As an adult my views of my own art work has shifted a bit. I find I question and critique my artwork more than I create it. Within Design Thinking I have been challenged to not question and critique rather, to simple create. It is through the creation of many ideas that one idea is born. But would it be born if we did not throw out other ideas that lead to that particular one? Yesterday I was challenged again, to create three-dimensional art within a woodshop. Growing up in a very agricultural community all the boys in AG classes loved nothing more than to take woodshop as an elective. Where most of the other students took a more traditional form of art class. Therefor I associated woodshop with individuals from the agricultural community. I saw what they created as something related to AG, rather than a piece of art. Even thought that is what in all actuality it was. But at that age I had not learned to identify art as being created from all forms of medium, rather than the traditional ones. Yesterday I found myself not surrounded by individuals from the agriculture community but rather artist. As an adult I know longer needed to place people into categories to understand their identity. I found myself once again learning a lesson, not to classify or generalize individuals and what they are creating, but to simply observe.


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