Week 5


“Start something that matters.”

Blake Mycoskie

Thanks to Kingston University I had the opportunity over reading week to attend a study trip to Berlin to submerge myself in their startup community. Over the span of five days we had lectures regarding the economic community, the Berlin entrepreneurship ecosystem, Renewable energies, and Communication in a global context. Just to name a few. We even had the opportunity to have corporate visits to Blacklanes, a family owned farm, Sandokan (grocery store), Saint Elmo’s Berlin (an ad agency), brewery tour and incubator Berlin. What I found to be the most interesting was that although all of the companies were so different they were all started from the same place, a problem. There was a need for their company in their community. Also instead of looking at it from a traditional perspective they approached the problem from a design thinking perspective. Meaning they bring in a creative solution to solving the problem. This was an amazing opportunity to see how small companies are created and able to survive in a world with dominant large corporations. Most of the individuals within our group had come from multiple countries meaning, that we each saw the company we were discussing in a different light. Therefore, after when we were discussing it I was able to understand the perspective of another. And this is exactly the point and the reason behind me studying international business management with entrepreneurship, to try and see the business world through the eyes of another.


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