Week 7

fullsizerender-1“Don’t work for money; make it work for you.”

Robert Kiyosaki

Not only is it paramount to organize one’s time in a company but to organize one’s finances. Upon my acceptance to study international business management with entrepreneurship at a graduate level at Kingston University I was filled with dread. What had I gotten myself into? My undergrad was in psychology, and every single one of my jobs I have ever had involved children. What did I know about business??? Nothing!!! Now that I have been in school just over two months that dread has turned into excitement. Excitement for my new life that I am now leading. I quickly realized that it was okay that I didn’t come with a knowledge or understanding of business because many others came with knowledge and backgrounds in different areas. The way that the program is set up is that we grasp a small understanding from many areas and in the end, it will be a combination of these aspects and learning resources that shape us into the smart and efficient business women and men. What helps me to personally grasp the concept is that all our classes our interconnected and overlap. What we learn in one is reinforced or retaught from a different perspective, and financing is just one example. With this knowledge I know feel better prepared when creating a three year business plan for my own company.


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