Week 8


“If you can’t take the heat…..Do not poke the DRAGON.”

Debin SC


With every day that goes by we get even closer to meeting the Dragons. Our group has come up with a few different ideas and scratched all of them. The one we chose to keep and move forward with is Chop-plus. It is for individuals who want to eat Chinese food, Thai food, or sushi with chopsticks but don’t know how to use them. Over the past week we have meet a few times to iron out the details. We have implemented tasks that we are each responsible for, hired a graphic designer to develop our logo, prepared for our presentation for the upcoming Dragons Den this Friday, and completed the process of officially registering our company at the bank. All in all, last week was a bit hectic but productive and I predict that this week will be the same. Upon my arrival at Kingston my weeks have been filled with attending class, working for Swarovski, working on papers, reading to prepare for my lectures, and scheduling meetings with friends at uni. Due to the masters, I chose to partake in and the electives I have chosen, almost all my classes have required some form of group work. I would say this has led to the biggest challenge, trying to fit everyone’s schedules together. But isn’t this the hardest part of the working world? Trying to fit everything that needs to get done into a tight schedule. We as adults are forced to work with individuals who have a different schedule then us, different work ethics, have cultural, gender, religious, or class difference. Therefore, it is up to us as individuals to let this divide us or unit us. It is my belief that it is these differences that can unite us and make us stronger as a group. Think about how different the world would be if we lived life this way, by embracing diversity.


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