Week 9

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”


As adults one of the most important things, for most, is the idea of security. We live in a world that is already planned for us. All we need to do is fallow the path that is a set before us. We attend elementary school, high school, college, maybe masters or PhD and then we enter the working world and get a job. But what if there is another way? A way to be different? A way to be creative? Attending Kingston University and studying International Business Management with Entrepreneurship has allowed me the opportunity to tap into this different way of doing things. At this school, I have been challenged to think for myself, to look at my future career path in a creative way, by creating a company or product that doesn’t yet exist. This has been highly stressed in almost all my classes allowing me the opportunity to find creative ways of solving problems with individuals from all over the world. Unlike group work in early parts of my educational journey grad school is different. For the most part, students are here because they want to, they have a desire to change the world. This combined with the fact that we are all paying a large price for this education helps to create an atmosphere of priority. So therefore, seeing’s as we can’t stop thinking about it, we won’t stop working on it!W


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