Week 10

“Progress: You might not be where you want to be but you’re not where you used to be.”


The concept of design thinking is a rather new concept being implemented in a range of fields, business being just one. Over the years there has been a very traditional way of looking at and solving a problem. However, times have changed and we have come to realize that tradition is not always the best. Sometimes one must look at a problem in a creative way to find other ways of solving it to meet the best needs of the consumer and customer, and this is what design thinking does. It was a rather drastic shift for me coming from a back ground of psychology that involved running statistical data through surveys to find out the mean so that we had hard data to answer the question that was posed. The concept through design thinking has challenged me to obtain information from customers and consumers through product walks and outlining the customers journey. Although this doesn’t sound to be challenging it was, since I had to retrain my mindset in the way that information was obtained, redirected and implemented. On top of that, this is a group assignment and everything done in this class was accomplished within our own groups. That, in and of itself was also very difficult because we all have different, class and work schedules that conflict. However, we found a way to work together to creatively, in a design thinking way, solve a problem.



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