Week 11


“The only thing I like better than talking about food is EATING”. John Walters

Once again it seems that Christmas break has flown by and we are once again back at uni preparing for our completion of our design thinking product Chop-Plus. There was a lot that was asked of us last quarter but it seems like even more will be asked this quarter. As last quarter was finding a need and assessing a design thinking strategy to create a product to fit this need. This quarter we are actually implementing our idea. Every week we have two scheduled weekly meeting to make sure that everyone on the team is on the same page and knows what is asked of them. Now that are finances are all in order and the funds that were needed to launch our business idea are readily available we are ready to get started. There is much to do: develop and order the product, set up online platforms to market and make our product accessible for consumers, purchase marketing product to help promote our company at upcoming trade fairs and events. Although there is a lot to be done there are 6 people within our group George, Alex, Zara, and Zako. Each of us are responsible for different tasks in regards to the development of our product. The most important thing I have learned from this course so far is the IMPORTANCE of open lines of communication. If all in the team are not on the same page then we as a company will not succeed. What has helped our group to overcome barriers of communication is that each of us have create a private email that is only used for this business. After each meeting I email everyone an overview of the minutes that were discussed within the meeting. I also remind everyone of the upcoming test that they are responsible for the upcoming meeting or event. To know that all have read the email and are aware of what is asked of them each person sends me a short message through the app Slack. We have found that this method once refined has helped our company to move forward in a smooth and professional manner.


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